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_________ up. Make yourself puke. Whatever, I don't care. Just sort this out.Stop being drunk
Either you wipe it or I will _________ you myself.verb - to rip out
Hello, police, I'm _________ a serious assault at be present at the scene of a crime (verb)
What, I told you about Gemma... Gemma was a __________...crazy (informal)
But you never ___________ Jonas.talked about
And you know what, I think he probably did fancy me and actually he wasn't completely _________negative adjective which means unattractive
For goodness' ________, you need to grow a sense of expression of frustration
Listen, Gina, it's a 40-minute wait for a ______ , but if you want, I have the bed made up in my
He had little ________ beady eyes and he was always...a negative adjective - causing repulsion
We've all got our ________, how about you and Gemma?expression - to have secrets
But we've got the __________ inside, so...someone who is paid to look after young children while their parents go out
Now, ignore the joke. Who's more _______ for him to come back?enthusiastic
Jonas, why don't you come back to ours for a ________, if you want?an alcoholic drink at home
If you really don't want to come, you can get _______ of him.phrasal verb - reject, dispose of
You're going to get every bit of Fion you've got in there and you're going to select it all and you're going to _______ it!delete
I'm a serial monogamist. I'm staying _________ to my corn flakes right now.staying with one partner
'Grain assistant suggests you may not be in a __________ physical condition for the activity you appear to be engaged in.'appropriate
You slept with oily dude man? That's __________!very very funny
I did, I told you I _________ up with someone in Marrakech.phrasal verb - to start going out with someone
I'm so sorry, he's really ___________.Liam drank too much the night before...

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