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to be
to be
to eat
to go
to have
there is, there are
to have
to know
to be able to
to want
to do, to make
to believe
to feel
to see
to say
to seem
to work
to look at
to pass, to happen
to speak
to wait, to hope for
to need
to decide, to agree, to remember
to please
to come
to owe, (should), (must)
to matter
to delay
to hear, to listen
to divide, to leave
to die
to go out, to come out
to enter, to start
to take care of, to pay attention
to tell (a story), to count, to rely on
to think, to try
to form
to walk, to travel
to help
to leave, to let, to cease
to be worth
to return, to turn
to take
to marry
to understand
to follow, to continue
to suppose, to assume, to guess
to signify, to mean
to go down
to give
to call
to listen to
to arrive
to create
to equip
to play (games or sports)
to kill
to love
to be familiar with, to know
to encounter, to consider, to be located
to ask
to point
to live
to stay, to remain
to suffice
to arm
to concern
to list
to treat
to blame
to look for
to remember, to remind
to populate
to sleep, to fall asleep
to happen, to follow
to bring close, to get close
to change, to exchange
to lack, to remain, to be absent
to carry, to wear, to lead, to have spent time
to miss (someone), to wonder
to excuse
to lose, to miss, to waste, to get lost
to save, to rescue, to free
to calm, to be silent, to hush
to hate
to murder
to dream
to travel, to journey
to reduce, to remain
to lament
to force, to break through, to rape
to use
to finish
to include
to seat, to set, to establish
to bathe
to damage
to last
to put, to set
to prove, to taste, to try
to stand out
to please
to besiege
to walk, to go
to negotiate
to sound
to happen, to occur
to return
to start, to begin
to bring, to attract, to cause
to punish
to chase away, to let go, to release
to step, to walk
to gain, to earn
to work, to function
to schedule, to program
to open
to pay
to center
to improve
to delight, to charm, to enchant
to combine, to marry
to attack
to achieve, to get
to dress, to wear, to disguise
to save, to rescue
to peel, to skin
to fear
to run
to entertain, to amuse, to have fun
to be in danger
to silence
to mediate

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