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Can you name the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Characters?

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 The Star Of The Show.
 A Brain Tumor Takes Her.
 The Lovable Sidekick Turned Powerful Witch.
 Fellow Witch.
 The Heart Of The Group That Sees Everything.
 Adds 'Much Needed Sarcasm' To The Scoobies.
 Gets His Own Spin-Off.
 Ms. Calendar
 Kills The Vampire Slayer.
 The First Love To Our Beloved Red-Headed Witch.
 She's 'Five By Five.'
 A Germaphobe.
 Wannabe Actress.
 Has Killed Two Slayers.
 Driven Crazy By Her Sire Before Turned Into A Vampire.
 Loves Her Blondie Bear.
 Giles The Next Generation
 Steals Food In College.
 That Was Her Favorite Shirt. That Was Her Only Shirt!
 Causes A Major Break-Up.
 She's Under Her Spell.
 Loves Her Shoes.
 The Male Nurse.
 Takes Pleasure In being A Thorn In His Student's Side.
 Member Of The Initiative.
 Owns A Costume Shop.
 Kills With A Gun.
 Tried To Kill Himself In 'Earshot.'
 Does Not Like Dirty Girls.
 Why Doesn't He Just Masturbate Like The Rest Of Us?
 Had Her Own Wing.
 Band Geek.
 The First Girl We See On The Show.
 Creepy Little Boy.
 He Vants To Bite Your Neck.
 Leaves Willow His Coin.
 Enjoys Movies & Dorito Taste Tests.
 From A Children's Fairy Tale.
 A Buster Keaton Fan.
 His Mother Was A Slayer
 Wants To Become A Vampire.
 Puts On The Evil Mask.
 Don't Say He Never Came Through In A Sinch.
 Not Familiar With Modern Day Weaponry.
 Murdered By Angelus.
 Does Not Survive Graduation.
 New York Accent--- Was Supposed To Be A Character On Angel.
 Not Into Cordy.
 Buffy Calls 'Tostitos'
 Her Kiss Is Deadly.
 Giles' Boss.
 Likes Marmaduke.
 Controlled The Hell-Dogs
 Beaten Up By Vamp Willow
 First Day Of The Week.
 She Believes In Life After Love.
 Killed By Her Own Creation/'Son.'
 Not A Big Fan Of Buffy.
 Joins The Demon Military Ops.
 Made Up Of Many Different Demons.
 A Fan Of Dairy.
 Worships The Goddess.
 Lactose Intolerant.
 Carries A Big Hammer.
 Smitten By Spike.
 Originally Supposed To Be Played By Britney Spears.
 Too Good For Her Boyfriend.
 Rarely Seen... In the Series Or By his Daughters.
 Accidentally Killed By Dawn.
 First & Last Name. Where Spike Got His Jacket.
 Draws A Picture Of The Monsters From Hush.
 Once A Demon Fighter But Now Sits On A Man's Lap.
 Eaten Alive.
 AKA Chantarelle & Lily.
 Enjoys The Smell Of Strawberries.
 One Of The Bridesmaids.
 Writes Poetry On Her Website.
 A Trophy Mom.
 Appears To The Gang Only As Those Who Have Passed Away.
 First Seen In Season 3; Try To Convince Angel To Take His Own Life.
 'What A Bitch!'
 Overalls & Dreadlocks.
 Proves To Come In Handy.
 Smitten & Rejected By Cordy.
 Seen In The Movie & Only One Episode In The Series.
 'A bit peckish.'
 Kills After Mating.
 Loves An Adventure.
 Not A Fan Of Cordy.
 Married To Candy.
 This Gorch Does Not Survive Season 2.
 On The Phone With Willow During 'Conversations With Dead People.'
 Monotonous- Hint In The Question.
 An Extremely Jealous Boyfriend.
 Protests Magic & Her Daughter Dating A Magician.
 Rocks A Red & A Blue Suit.

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