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Well he ain't got no distractions, he can't hear no buzzes and bells
I show up late one night with a neon light for a visa
I don't need to fight to prove I'm right, I don't need to be forgiven
And the beards have all grown longer overnight
The girl I used to love lives in this yellow house, yesterday she passed me by, she doesn't wanna know me now
I don't care about pollution, I'm an air-conditioned gypsy
Terribly sorry, apple-scrumping, born in the war, birthday punching
My love is vengeance, that's never free
The spray flies as the speedboat glides
I can't sleep and I lay and I think, the night is hot and black as ink
She knew from the start deep down in her heart that she and Tommy were worlds apart
I staggered back to the underground, and the breeze blew back my hair
There's no easy way to be free
All I ever wanna do is please her, my life has been so settled and she's the reason
Gonna buy a tank and an aeroplane
Pay before I start, I'm a gypsy, and I guarantee to tear your soul apart
Where do you get those blue blue jeans, faded patched secrets so tight
I'm gettin little tired of having to say do you come here often
Do you really think I care, what you read or what you wear
I'm happy when lifes good, and when its bad I cry
I look pretty tall but my heels are high, the simple things you see are all complicated
One and one don't make two, one and one make one
I think it's love, trying to explain you, when I feel blue but...
You're running out of ideas, and new hats to try on
She's been dead since 1929

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