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HintLiterary Work
Written by Gary Troup, found by Hurley on the beach
Found by Eko in The Arrow, contained missing Swan footage
Written by Stephen Hawking; Aldo read it outside Room 23
Locke gave this book to Ben while he was prisoner in the Swan
Juliet's choice for the Others' Book Club
Copy found by Desmond in the woods during episode of the same title
Charlotte's full name is a reference to the author of this saga
Book Jacob was reading, waiting for Locke to fall out the window
By Joseph Conrad, referenced multipled times throughout shows history
Season 3 episode 15
Famous novel by William Goulding about a deserted island, referenced multiple times
Desmond and PENELOPE would find this ancient epic particularly resonant
Ben quotes from this book when he reveals Hydra Island to Sawyer
Ben checks into a Tunisian Hotel as 'Dean Moriarty'
HintLiterary Work
The last book Desmond ever wanted to read; the makeshift home to Penny's letter
The two Dharma stations that sharing a name with famous literary works
Season 4 Episode 9
Season 5 episode 4
It's author and title was mentioned during a gameshow in Meet Kevin Johnson
The most influential book toward Lost
Sci fi classic, season 3 episode 9
The Season 3 premiere
Houses the majority of the Swan orientation film
Lewis Carroll's second most beloved novel, title of the show's season 3 finale
Stately plump Ben Linus read this book on flight 316
Boone was reading this while on vacation in Australia
The Man Behind the Curtain and There's No Place Like Home are both lines taken directly from this novel

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