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A(Skating) a jump from the forward outside edge of one skate with 1 ½ turns and a return to the backward outside edge of the other skate
B(Baseball) an illegal motion by the pitcher committed with one or more runners on base for which each base runner is advanced one base
C(Rowing) a usually smaller member of the crew who sits in the stern facing forward, steers the shell, and directs the strategy of the race
D(Basketball) to bounce the ball with successive taps of one hand
E(Billiards) spin usually around the vertical axis imparted to a ball by striking it to the left or right of center
F(Fencing) a sword with a bowl-shaped guard and a flexible blade of rectangular cross section that tapers to a blunted point
G(Wrestling) competition in which wrestlers are not allowed to use their legs in any active manner and are not allowed to use any holds that involve the opponent's hips or legs
H(Track and field) The implement that consists of a heavy metal ball connected by a steel wire to a grip
I(Ice hockey) an infraction when a player hits the puck from his own defensive half across the opponent's goal line and it then played by a member of the opposing team other than the goalkeeper
J(Sailing) a triangular sail set forward of the mast
KA formal exercise in which an individual performs the various movements of an art of self defense (as karate or judo)
LA score of zero for one side in a particular game (as in racquets, badminton, or tennis)
M(Soccer) any of the 3 players who play between the forwards and the backs in a 3-3-4 alignment
N(Skiing) a class of skiing competition that includes both cross-country skiing and ski jumping
O(Boxing) a combination consisting usually of a left lead followed immediately by a right cross
P(Golf) a standard score that a an expert playing errorless golf would be expected to make on a given hole
Q(Archery) a case or a device to hold arrows
R(Croquet) a ball that has been played through all of the wickets but has not hit the final stake and that can be played around the course
S(Football) the play during a down that begins with a snap as distinguished from that which begins with a free kick
T(Bowling) three successive strikes in a single game
U(Gymnastics) two wooden bars that are supported at different heights on which swinging movements are performed
V(Cycling) a track for cycle races
W(Cricket) a wooden frame at which the ball is bowled
X(Shooting) the innermost area of the innermost scoring ring on certain targets for small bore competition that is used for breaking ties
Y(Motor racing) a flag that calls for caution and no passing because of danger ahead
ZAn area of a field, court, or rink covered by a particular defender

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