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Located in central 'high city'map 2
westernmost city of mainland map 1
Islands southwest of Japanmap 1
Mainroad from present day Tokyo to northern of the 2 western cities we have to knowmap 1
Land in western mainland enveloping 2 major citiesmap 1
southernmost city of mainlandmap 1
northernmost bridgemap 2
Largest of small Islands to southwestmap 1
random place north of present day Tokyomap 2
Northernmost Island of Japanmap 1
Smallest Island of Japanmap 1
southernmost bridgemap 2
Land in eastern mainland enveloping present day Tokyomap 1
Mountain southwest of present day Tokyomap 1
Main Island of Japanmap 1
easternmost city of mainlandmap 1
Eastern prestent day Tokyomap 2
Westernmost Island of Japanmap 1
Flows along eastern present day Tokyomap 2
Western present day Tokyomap 2

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