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Can you name the famous battles by the commanders involved?

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Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Arthur Wellesley1815
King Henry V vs. Charles d'Albret1415
Horatio Nelson vs. Pierre de Villeneuve and Federico Gravina1805
Harold Godwinson vs. William of Normandy1066
Harold Godwinson vs. Harald Hardrada1066
George A. Custer vs. Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Chief Gall1876
William Travis and James Bowie vs. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna1836
Sir Ian Hamilton and Lord Kitchener vs. Otto Liman von Sanders and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 1916
Chester W. Nimitz vs. Yamamoto Isoroku1942
George G Meade vs. Robert E. Lee1863
Ulysses S. Grant vs. Albert Sidney Johnston1862
Charles Edward Stuart vs. William Augustus1746
John Chard and Gonville Bromhead vs. Dabulamanzi Kampande1879
Hernan Cortes vs. Cuitlahuac1521
Miltiades the younger vs. Datis490 BC
Leonidas I vs. Xerxes I of Persia480 BC
Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Prince of Schwarzenburg et al.1813
King Charles I and Prince Rupert of the Rhine vs. Oliver Cromwell and Sir Thomas Fairfax1645
Robert the Bruce vs. King Edward II1314
Hannibal vs. Scipio Africanus and Masinissa202 BC

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