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Can answer the facts about Yorkshire as if it were an independent nation state?

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Language Spoken
Indigenous Language (Now Extinct)
National Emblem
Name in Indigenous Language
National Anthem (de facto)
Highest Peak (2,415 ft)
Longest River (118km)
Bordering Country
Population (answer to nearest million)
Flag Main Colour
Flag Main Colour
National Park
National Park
National Park
Capital City
Largest City
Formerly Divided into Three...
Biggest Port
Day Yorkshire Day is Celebrated
Last Reigning Viking King
National Cricket Stadium
Yorkshire Dialect Word for 'Valley'
Former Governmental Subdivision
Only City in Yorkshire with a Tram
Largest Stadium
Largest Park
Second Largest City
Third Largest City
Highest Ranking University (2016)
Port Town where Dracula Arrived in Britain
Yorkshireman who Discovered Australia
The Name of his Ship
Most Northerly Point
Most Eaterly Point
Most Southerly Point
Most Westerly Point
South Yorkshire Village with Name of a UK Country
Largest Mountain Range
Flat Area Surrounding Capital City

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