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Can you name the Add the clues to form longer words?

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Put these words together to form a compo
Huck's last name + a sea creature minus the F
Golf lingo for watchout + to receive
Drink this everyday + Brad Pitt was a legend of this
An eating utensil + to pick up
S + part of Superman's uniform + barnyard animal
A type of jewelery + the one in London is very famous
You go to a gym to ___ iron + another name for your children
Barbie is a type of this + sharks have this
Step over a crack and you may break this + a place to perform
You are this when you are sick + to finish
Put these words together to form a compo
Lindsay Lohan was one of the girls + Sandra Bullock's movie first word (movie name last word is sleeping)
Manning may throw one of these to Wayne in the superbowl + a place for a cruise ship to dock
a type of backyard football + opposite of up
walk on this at the beach + a magic sword was stuck in this
A Disney/Pixar movie + a lion's noise
you download these on an Iphone + Some doors say push and some say ____
oppsite of death + this is shortest if straight
A nickname for grandpa or dad + a farm crop
Someone's ambition + there is the right _ or wrong _ to do something
Throw this in sports + send a bad boy here

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