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Famous candy from surgery in Seinfeld
2 words that rhyme, many flavors
Finish this state name New _____ and then add a spice and substitute for gum
Better if put inside a cartoon character and eaten 1 at a time
a spread and body part put together
pick a favorite color, but they all taste the same
a type of performance + and the last few letters of a name for war
Think legally blonde + peter pan is a type of this + a male baseball player wears this
Jewish symbol + uncrontollable laughter
Dustin Hoffman played her + the 3rd thing to do if you are caught on fire
when you go shopping alot
Patrick Dempsey played one of these in Can't Buy Me Love
white drink + y + to put something on a scale
They have a famous tollhouse + to not have alot of time
sometimes the jokes on the wrapper are better then the candy
A superhero's secret identity (first name) + a place to drink
no matter how many participants, no one can finish in this number's place
The people of a European country + Bass or Salmon
a synonym for nice + a dessert pastry

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