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Forced Order
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Peace of Nuremberg
Treaty of Passau
Hearing with Cajetan at Augsburg
Decet Romanum
Diet of Augsburg
Princely revolt
Luther dies
Colloquy of Regensburg
Council of Trent opens
On the bondage of the Will
Religious peace of Augsburg
Luther's 3 great works are published
Peasants' War
Battle of Muhlberg
1st Diet of Speyer
Diet of Augsburg
Schmalkalden Articles
Luther publishes Germna New Testament
Luther publishes German Mass
2nd Diet or Speyer
Karlsdadt takes control of Wittenberg
Exsurge Domine
Wittenberg Concord
Diet of Worms
Marburg Colloquy
Augsburg Interim
Schmalkaldic League formed
The 95 thesis are published
Diet of Regensburg
Leipzig disputation

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