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Can you name the books based on an inaccurate interpretation of their titles?

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AB's Non-fiction alarmist work about genetically engineered citrus fruits
PR's Legal thriller about the copyright battle for ownership of the theme from TV's 'Cheers'
JS's tell-all about the divisive personal battles of Ernest & Julio Gallo
US's biography of the Brazilian rainforest
GO's non-fiction epic emphasizing the Soviet boycott of the Los Angeles summer games
EH's courageous story of a double amputee
HM pens one of Let's Go's most peculiar travel guides, encompassing the line of latitude at approximately 23� 26′ 16″ N
KV's Upton Sinclair-style recounting of the horrid conditions in a series of abattoirs.
JDS's biography of Oklahoma native Johnny Bench
JJ pens a first-person retelling of the Siege of Vicksburg
VW's only effort at writing tourist direction pamphlets included maps of Alexandria, Egypt
JL's tale of Marian Gaborik's tense day before being selected in the NHL draft
NM's disturbing Robert Mapplethorpe compilation of morgue photos
AC's gushing prose inspired by Billy Joel's 1977 album
WSM's lurid Kitty Kelly-style biography of Marv Albert's sexual escapades
AH's gardening guide emphasizing underground growth
AR's biography of indifferent strongman Charles
EMF's coffee table book compiling photos of shock jock Stern sitting on a copier
AM's non-fiction recounting of the fatal heart disease of Billy Mays

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