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First appearanceCharacterExtra info.
Brian in LovePeter's great-great uncle, invented golf
Peter, Peter, Caviar EaterLois' mother
Emission ImpossibleStewie's half-brother and nemesis
Road to Rhode IslandBrian's mother
Quagmire's BabyBrian's clone
Quagmire's BabyStewie's clone
Death Has a ShadowThe family dog
Blind AmbitionPeter's seeing-eye dog
McStrokeChris's pet
Emission ImpossibleLois' sister
Peter, Peter, Caviar EaterLois' father
The Son Also DrawsPeter's ancestor, Native American rainmaker
Death Has a ShadowMiddle-child in the Griffin family
Road to the MultiverseAn alternative Meg in the multiverse
The Former Life of BrianBrian's teenage son
Stewie Griffin: The Untold StoryPeter's jazz-singer relative
Brian: Portrait of a DogPet cat brought by Peter when Brian left
Holy CrapPeter's stepfather
Peter's ProgressPeter's ancestor, founder of Quahog
Peter-assmentAlways where the action was
I Am Peter, Hear Me RoarPeter's great-grandfather, friend of N-word Jim
Road to the MultiverseAn alternative Brian in the multiverse
First appearanceCharacterExtra info.
He's Too Sexy For His FatProbably Peter's fattest relative
E Peterbus UnumBrian's gay cousin
E Peterbus UnumWanted to call Bugs Bunny 'Ephram the Retarded Rabbit'
Running MatesPeter's diminutive, cock-fighting great-grandfather
A Picture's Worth A Thousand BucksPeter's famous and annoying cousin
Jungle LovePeter's medieval ancestor
Peter's ProgressWife of the founder of Quahog
Death Has a ShadowMother of the Griffin family
Untitled Griffin Family HistoryLois' ancestor, had a secret relationship with her family's slave
Jungle LoveChris' 11-year-old wife
Peter, Peter, Caviar EaterLois' great-aunt
The Fat Guy StranglerLois' invisible (and possibly imaginary) sister-in-law
Death Has a ShadowEldest child in the Griffin family
Peter's Two DadsPeter's biological father
Untitled Griffin Family HistoryReligious leader who received the ten commandments
Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?Peter's African-American great, great, great, great, great grandfather; slave of the Pewterschmidt family
The Man With Two BriansFlute-playing dog, described by Stewie as a douche
Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?Owner of the eighth ever telephone
The Fat Guy StranglerLois' brother
Emission ImpossiblePet which always peed on the rug
Death Has a ShadowSelf-proclaimed Huguenot/father of the Griffin family
The Juice is Loose'I thought if I shook him enough he'd stop crying. I was kinda right.'
First appearanceCharacterExtra info.
Untitled Griffin Family HistoryBrother of a notorious Nazi leader
Padre de FamiliaPeter's porcine cousin
The Perfect CastawayPeter's ancestor who visited the fountain of youth
Road to the MultiverseAn alternative Stewie in the multiverse
Stewie Griffin: The Untold StoryStewie's extra-terrestrial cousin
You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who ReceivesJasper's skinny, hairless Filipino life-partner
If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'Peter's cousin who starred in Black to the Future
Screwed the PoochThe Pewterschmidts' dog
Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?Lois' slave-owning ancestor
Deep ThroatsStewie's cousin, who is in love with Katie Holmes, and is not gay
Death Has a ShadowYoungest child of the Griffin family
Mother TuckerPeter's evil twin
Holy CrapPeter's mother
Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?Peter's work-shy Great Great Great Great Grandfather
Deep ThroatsThe Griffins' first dog, who died aged 15
The Former Life of BrianMother of Brian's son
The Tan Aquatic With Steve ZissouPeter's ancestor who boxed a kangaroo
E Peterbus UnumPeter's relative who fought in the Civil War
Untitled Griffin Family HistoryPeter's caveman ancestor
Stewie Griffin: The Untold StoryChris' future wife
Untitled Griffin Family HistoryPeter's slapstick-performing great-grandfather

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