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Shall I consider this state of being authentic or simply imaginary? I am seized by an avalanche with no possibility of removing myself from this fate!
At the budding of dawn, I ascend onto the avenue and partake of a nicotine-infused refreshment as I adorn loafers to my fleshy hoofs.
I percieve a crimson entryway; however, my ultimate desire is to shade it by the darkest hue. No hues will ever suffice nor satisfy but the murkiest of hues.
I emmitted salty occular dew from the moment you captivated my interest. Currently, my predicatment is such that my reflections remain.
This matron was a vehicle of utmost swiftness. T'was quite clear that she was diligent in preserving her voluptuous vessel.
In applying simple arithmatic, it is quite obvious that single integers can amount threefold. It is presumed that the woman before me is exquisite due to her invisibility.
It is common knowledge that while the twilight is obliterated by sunrays, that same darkness also dismembers said rays of sun.
In exisitence is a dame that is aware of this simple proverb: the luster of shiny objects does not indicate inherent value.
Hark! Halt! I must lodge with you a novel impropriety of the highest order!
When everything is measured and considered equally, your intrinsic worth is merely that of a slab within the greater structure of stones.

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