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Name the Fire Emblem: Fates Characters by the critical quotes.

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You have breathed your last!
You ready for this?!
So young, so foolish!
No more holding back!
You're right where I want you.
Right into my trap.
The pain will pass.
I will take care of you.
With all my strength!
I'm feelin' lucky.
The pen is mightiest of all!
Time to play!
I'm afraid this will be... messy.
This ends now!
Here comes your final reward!
Say goodbye to your intestines!
Dance for me!
An encore...? If you insist!
You are SO last season!
I'm stunning; you're dead.
Feel the burn!
Out of my sight!
You asked for it!
No more messing around!
Ooh! Piñata!
I will have my revenge!
Finishing the mission.
You've got a lot of nerve...
Take this maiden seriously!
Oh, that's IT!
Shall we end this?
I-it's all me!
You're NOBODY.
You're just a STAIN.
Ah... thrilling!
Let's get WILD!
I won't lose!
Let's get this OVER WITH!
You're TOAST!
Justice strikes!
Take your medicine!
You reap what you sow.
You can't hide from me.
You went and got me mad!
My heart is singing...
Hunting I will go...
You are not worthy.
You don't scare me!
Watch out, I play rough!
Hunting party!
Stop staring at me!
Fall so that others may live!
Hope you like hell!
I tire of this...
War is HECK!
And now; I rage.
I won't surrender!
Ohohoho yes!
Prepare for oblivion.
See ya.
In your dreams.
Get outta my way!
Beautiful AND deadly!

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