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a secured party may dispose of collateral and apply the proceeds to the obligation16
security interests which switch from one piece of collateral to another or whcih se the same collateral to secure more than one avance of money by a lender 16
the process which causes a security interest to be enforceable against a certain piece of caollateral16
secured party may sometimes keep the collateral as satisfaction of the obligation 16
party owing money or an obligation secured by the security interest16
all property except real estate and items attached to real estate16
right to sell property on default16
property subject to a security interest16
a lien on personal property or fixtures, which secures payment or performance of an obligation16
a secured party may obtain judgment based upon the amount owed rather than repossessing the collateral 16
whatever is received in exchange for the collateral16
property with no aspect of physical existence (ex. Accounts Receivable, Goodwill of Business) 16
things tangible and moveable or fixtures 16
personal property permanently attached to real estate16
loans (advances) to be made by a secured party in the future, that is, after the original security agreement is signed 16
secured party has the right to take possession of the collateral for the loan16
notice of security interest filed with a government office16
person who holds (owns) security interest16
paper (instruments) which in themselves evidence a right 16
property of a similar type to the collateral, but which is purchased by the debtor after the attachement of the original security interest 16
a process which fixes the secured party's level of priority to the collateral against others who also have a lien16

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