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ClueMAKE term
To exaggerate is to do this to molehills
One of three men in a tub
Something pretend, or a Weezer album
Counterculture phrase from the 1960s about preferring friendship over violence
Slogan meaning that by pretending to be something, one can achieve it
The eighth Disney animated feature, released in 1946
Ford/Neeson submarine movie from 1992
Non-profit organization that helps children with life-threatening diseases
The third-largest dwarf planet in our Solar System
The Beatles: 'In the end, the love you take is equal to...'
ClueMAKE term
Fairy-tale protagonist helped by elves; or, an American jockey
Mascara, e.g.
A powerful punch, usually resulting in a knockout
Temporary or improvised
BORAT: Cultural Learnings of America for...
One of two songs from a Disney animated feature that fits the theme
Seth Rogen and Elizabeth play the titular characters in this 2008 comedy
Colloquial term for throwing money in the air at a strip club
Idiom for someone who died
Professional poker player who revolutionized the game

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