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Can you name the Three Flavours Cornetto Recurring Actors? (Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz/The World's End)

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Forced Order
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Characters (Shaun/Fuzz/World's End)Answer
Shaun/Sgt. Nicolas Angel/Gary King
Ed/PC Danny Butterman/Andy Knightley
Yvonne's Mother/Mary Porter/B&B Landlady
Mark/No role/Collaborator
Tyres/No role/Rev. Green
Pete/No role/Ding Dong Home Owner
Declan/Met Sgt./Oliver Chamberlain
Characters (Shaun/Fuzz/World's End)Answer
Phillip/Met Chief Inspector/The Network
Noel/DC Andy Cartwright/House Buyer
Spinster/Annette Roper/Upstairs Beehive Lady
No role/Arthur Webley/Basil
No role/DS Andy Wainwright/Steven Prince
No role/Tina/House Buyer

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