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Date of the First Constitutional Settlement?
What did Augustus offer to relinquish?
What else..?
How many of the 28 legions did he retain?
Finish the quote: 'At the time of writing I have been consul ______ times'
Name a title he received
For how long did Augustus gain proconsular power over Syria, Spain, Gaul, Cyprus, Cilicia and Egypt?
What was his Civic Crown made of?
Over the head of whom was this crown usually held?
What does Princeps mean?
What is the Latin for 'remember you are mortal'?
Complete the quote from RG34: 'I handed over the republic from my power...'
When was the Second Constitutional Settlement?
What power did Augustus take without taking the role?
With which colleague of his did Augustus carry out a census?
What did Augustus renounce in 23BC?
What is the Latin for tribunician power?
In addition to his tribunician power, what could Augustus do to decisions made by the senate?
When his people called him what, what Augustus said to be horrified and insulted?
What is the Latin for Augustus being granted imperium over all proconsuls?
Did Augustus decline or accept more awards?
In what year was the supposed Third Constitutional Settlement?

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