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HBr, ROORaddition of a bromine group in the anti-Markovnikov position; other halogens will still add Markovnikov
A) MCPBA, CH2Cl2 B) Br2, water, NaOH - Williamson ether synthesisA) formation of an epoxide B) Williamson ether synthesis
1) MCPBA, CH2Cl2 2)H+, H2Ocreates an epoxide, then opens it to form 2 -OH groups anti to each other
HXalkene into Markovnikov -Br and -H addition
X2, CCl4halogens added anti to each other
1) O3, CH2Cl2 2) Zn, CH3CO2Hcleaves double bond, replacing each end with a =O group
1) OsO4, THF, room temp. 2) H2Screates an epoxide, then opens it to form 2 syn -OH groups
dilute H+ (H2SO4)/water at low temp.alkene to Markovnikov -OH and -H addition - concentrated H+ and heat will convert it back
H2, catalyst, ROHalkene into alkane
1) HgOCHOCH3, H2O 2) NaBH4, Et2Oaddition of Hg group on anti-Markovnikov, then H- attack to create Markovnikov -OH and -H addition
1) BH3, THF 2) H2O2, NaOH, H2Oboron addition to anti-Markovnikov, which is then replaced by -OH group

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