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1578-1581Nassau/Dutch Republic
1581-1584Orange-Nassau/Dutch Republic
1584-1620Nassau/Dutch Republic
1585-1625Orange-Nassau/Dutch Republic
1620-1632Nassau/Dutch Republic
1625-1647Orange-Nassau/Dutch Republic
1632-1640Nassau/Dutch Republic
1640-1664Nassau/Dutch Republic
1647-1650Orange-Nassau/Dutch Republic
1664-1696Nassau/Dutch Republic
1672-1702Orange-Nassau/Dutch Republic
1696-1711Nassau/Dutch Republic
1711-1751Orange-Nassau/Dutch Republic
1751-1795Orange-Nassau/Dutch Republic
1806-1810Bonaparte/Kingdom of Holland
1810-1810Bonaparte/Kingdom of Holland
1813-1815Orange Naussau/Principiality of the Netherlands
1815-1840Orange-Nassau/Kingdom of the Netherlands
1840-1849Orange-Nassau/Kingdom of the Netherlands
1849-1890Orange-Nassau/Kingdom of the Netherlands
1890-1948Orange-Nassau/Kingdom of the Netherlands
1948-1980Orange-Nassau/Kingdom of the Netherlands
1980-2013Orange-Nassau/Kingdom of the Netherlands
2013-incumbentOrange-Nassau/Kingdom of the Netherlands

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