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Can you name the country, either both (b), neither (n), Mexico (m), or Japan (j), that fits each description?

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DescriptionCountryMore Info
Has an area bigger than 450,000 square kilometers (279617 sqaure miles).
Has a life expectancy higher than 75 years.
Has a population higher than 125 million (2012).
Borders the Pacific Ocean.
Produces more than 2% of the world's oil.
Has a point more northern than Morocco's northernmost point.
Has a city larger than its capital.
Has a recorded temperature warmer than 45˚C (113˚F).
DescriptionCountryMore Info
Has a Christian population of more than 50% of the country.
Has a native language that is in the top ten most spoken in the world.
Includes the color red on its flag.
Ranked in the top ten for having the least homicide rates.
Ranked in the top 10 countries for motor vehicle production.
Has a literacy rate over 95% for ages 15 and over.
Ranked in the top 20 countries for highest GDP.

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