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Can you name the real-life people mentioned in Fawlty Towers?

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This South-African cricketer is mentioned in 'A Touch of Class'
Sybil doesn't appreciate his racket...
An expert in coin collection--at least, according to Lord Melbury!
Roman emperor famous for building a wall
An English cricketer potentially guilty for the construction mayhem in 'The Builders'
A very passionate British poet--but a mere tobacconist compared to Mr Fawlty!
Polish Romantic composer enjoyed by Mrs Peignoir
Apparently, he is easily confused with Mr Hutchinson...
American diplomat and political scientist, can be found eating salad cream and looking for Mr Hutchinson
Dutch artist who didn't actually sell only two paintings in his lifetime
American chef who worked and earned fame in England. He is apparently a whiz at opening screw-cap bottles.
Former UK PM, this British Labour Party politician clearly arranged for the fire extinguisher to blow Basil's head off.
Wife of the Führer, and not a prawn cocktail
The Führer, leader of the National Socialist Party in Germany
One of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, besides the aforementioned Führer
A World War I fighter-pilot and a top power in the SS under the Führer
He succeeded the Führer as Chancellor of Germany during WWII
German Ambassador to Britain in the early days of the SS, and Minister of Foreign Affairs for Germany during WWII
American actor known for playing the tough-guys--but he never said 'You dirty rat!'
A 16th-century Scottish polymath--perhaps the antithesis of Manuel
He killed a hideous, fire-breathing dragon, didn't he?
American actor famous for roles in 'Smokey and the Bandit', 'Deliverance', and other films.
Another American actor famous for roles in 'The Godfather', 'Thief', 'Misery', and 'El Dorado'. But enough about him--who's the girl behind him?
'You Make Me Feel So Young' and 'Luck Be a Lady' singer
A Trinidadian pianist who did not go to the theatre with Major Gowens
Former UK PM who isn't black.
A 19th-century British Liberal politician and four-times PM under Queen Victoria
A title in the Peerage of the UK created for a World War I Commander of the British Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium
A well-decorated lieutenant-general of the British Army and founder of the international Scouting Movement
Apparently, not a very witty first female PM of Britain.
The patron saint of travelers.
American author of romance novels--or 'pornographic muzak', as Basil would have it.
An American actor famous for his 'grin', who may or may not have a palm tree in his yard.
Considered by some as one of the best authors of all time, this Frenchman is famous for writing 'In Search of Lost Time'
An early-20th-century English writer of realism, symbolism, and modernism.
A Hungarian-born food critic who might knock off a star for a dead dog in the dining room.
Famous vaudeville, Broadway, and motion-picture family comedy act. Polly wants nothing to do with it.
He probably never actually said that women have minds like Swiss cheese. (Hard? No, full of holes!)
This English author of 'Animal Farm' and '1984' supposedly also wrote about his experiences at Maxim's in Paris.
Taking two pigeons out of the water tank is nothing like one of his famous propositions.
She is surprisingly mentioned only once, despite being one of the most important women in England (and the rest of the Commonwealth). But perhaps she will enjoy a visit by the cat
A Yorkshire and England cricketer, whose 'making the century' the Major announced to...a rat.
The father of modern psychiatry and psychoanalysis. But you know what it's all about, don't you?
20th-century Spanish dictator who might have killed off all the rats in Spain...

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