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Can you check the guests into Fawlty Towers?

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A Touch of Class
The Mackenzies didn't get their alarm call! What room were they in? 
The people in this room have never sat on chairs before, according to Basil. 
Basil begrudgingly gives Danny Brown which room? 
In which room does Lord Melbury stay? 
They would have taken room 12, but they decided to leave instead. 
The Builders
Which room does Manuel think the delivery man wants for the gnome? 
The Wedding Party
Room 12 has the only double bed in the hotel. Who does Sybil put in it? 
Which rooms does Sybil say are open, but the residents would need to share a bathroom? 
The Hotel Inspectors
Who stays in room 7? 
Communication Problems
Mrs. Richards was dissatisfied with her stay in which room? 
The Psychiatrist
Who stays in room 5? 
Who stays in room 6? 
Who stays in room 7? 
Room 16 decided to stay, so this relative of Mr. Johnson will have to share his room. 
Waldorf Salad
Who stays in room 12? 
Who checks into room 12 at the end of the episode? 
The Kipper and the Corpse
A middle-aged man and young red-haired woman stay in which room? (Letters only) 
Mr. Leeman stays--and dies--in which room? 
Who checks into room 8 midway through the episode? 

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