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Can you name the Top 20 movies alltime in the USA box office(money earned)??

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Jake Sully protects the Na'vi people of Pandora. Directed by James Cameron in 2009
A true story about a cruiseliner that crashed into an iceburg.Directed by James Cameron in 1997
Bruce Wayne is forced to fight the chaos of Joker in Gotham city.Directed by Christopher Nolan in 2008
Luke Skywalker saves Princess Leia from darth vader.Directed by George Lucas in 1977
A story about 2 ogres in love but one's parents are unhappy.Directed by Andrew Adamson in 2004
A group of children help a stranded alien go home.Directed by Steven Spielburg in 1982
2 jedi knights are sent to Naboo to uncover a conflict.Directed by George Lucas in 1999
Jack Sparrow tries to recover the heart of Davy Jones.Directed by Gore Verbinski in 2006
An adventure of toys who are trying to escape a day care.Directed by Lee Unkrich in 2010
Peter Parker who has spider powers is to fight the forces of evil.Directed by Sam Raimi in 2002
Sam Witwicky tries to leave the autobots for a normal lifeDirected by Michael Bay in 2009
Anakin Skywalker takes his journey to the dark side.Directed by George Lucas in 2005
Sam & Frodo try to take ring to mt.doom but the battle for middle earth is going on. Directed by Peter Jackson in 2003
Peter Parker has to stop Doctor Octopus now.Directed by Sam Raimi in 2004
A film detailing the final hours of Jesus Christ.Directed by Mel Gibson in 2004
During a tour, a theme park has a breakdown and dinosaurs are running amok.Directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993
Frodo and Sam continue on to Mordor to destroy the ring.Directed by Peter Jackson in 2002
An adventure where Nemo a clownfish is taken and his father Marlin goes to Sydney to rescue him.Directed by Andrew Stanton in 2003
A black entity bonds with Peter Parker and causes inner turmoil.Directed by Sam Raimi in 2007
19 year old Alice returns to the magical world from her childhood adventures.Directed by Tim Burton in 2010

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