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Can you name the President from major events during their respective terms??

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Forced Order
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EventsPresidentsPresident Party
Cuban missile crisisDemocrat from Massachusetts
Indian Removal ActDemocrat from Tennessee
Bill of Rights adoptedFederalist from Virginia
Alaska and Hawaii become statesRepublican from Kansas
Alien and Sedition ActFederalist from Massachusetts
Healthcare reformDemocrat from Illinois
War of 1812Republican from Virginia
World War One beginsDemocrat from New Jersey
Mexican-American WarDemocrat from Tennessee
The Apache surrender after 15 yearsDemocrat from New York
Stock Market CrashRepublican from Iowa
9/11 terrorist attackRepublican from Texas
Emancipation Proclamation issuedRepublican from Illinois
Monroe DoctrineRepublican from Virginia
Gulf of Tonkin IncidentDemocrat from Texas
U.S. invades CambodiaRepublican from California
The Korean WarDemocrat from Missouri
Panama leases canal zone to U.S.Republican from New York
NASA spacecraft lands on MarsDemocrat from Arkansas
South vietnam surrenders to North vietnamRepublican from Michigan
Lindbergh crosses Atlantic non-stopRepublican from Massachusetts
Spanish-American War beginsRepublican from Ohio
EventsPresidentsPresident Party
Italy becomes 1st fascist state in 1923Republican from Ohio
World War Two beginsDemocrat from New York
Revolution in IranDemocrat from Georgia
Dred Scott decisionDemocrat from Pennsylvania
Involved in the Iran-Contra scandalRepublican from California
Smith&Wesoon invent revolverDemocrat from New Hampshire
This president was in support of the KKK in1871Republican from Ohio
Oregon trail establishedDemocrat from New York
United States Department of Interior organizedWhig from Louisiana
Alaska purchasedDemocrat from North Carolina
Civil Service establishedRepublican from Vermont
Supreme Court rule 'seperate but equal' legalDemocrat from New York
Purged Corruption in Postal ServiceRepublican from Ohio
Sherman Antitrust ActRepublican from Ohio
Louisiana PurchaseRepublican from Virginia
This president extended money use to paper currencyWhig from Indiana
Thomas Edison invents lightbulbRepublican from Ohio
10-hour work day for children in MAWhig from Virginia
Fundamentalism begins with 'Five Points'Republican from Ohio
Signed the Compromise of 1850Whig from New York
Greeks win War of Independence from Ottoman empireRepublican from Massachusetts
The Gulf WarRepublican from Texas

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