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QUIZ: Can you name the Black ops grab bag 2?

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Large snowy map
A german city along with a camo
A modernized medieval weapon
A zombie perk and is root beer flavored
A fully automatic assault rifle
An anti-personnel explosive
Helicopter where you get both a minigun and rockets
Capital of cuba along as a map
A camo
What ruins your mini map when near
The last submachine gun you unlock
A perk unlocked by default
Shotgun attachment name
A u.s. state along with a gun camo
A city in ancient greece as well as a shotgun
The opposite of a cobra
What you do when your playing bad, you do it in rage
An uranium processing plant it is a map as well
A drugee or a lmg
A throwing hatchet
A blackops smg
Where Castro is staying is a map in cuba
A smoke screen
first part does not start with x but starts with porters
A gun camo that is also a canadian province
Pack-a-punched thunder gun

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