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Can you name the words, phrases, and things from the game Taboo when given the words that cannot be used as clues?

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Taboo wordsOriginal word
scared, brave, frightened, dark, terrified
piano, singer, glasses, rock, Princess Di
foot, dance, stair, walk, ladder
lozenge, Vicks, Halls, throat, suck
truck, colon, circle, conductor, automatic
shoe, socks, swim, sandals, summer
Springfield, television, Marge, Bart, cartoon
exciting, journey, mission, expedition, safari
car, auto, horn, quack, goose
wrestler, governor, Minnesota, bald, Reform
search, game, find, contest, objects
parents, people, country, family, simple
treatment, rehabilitate, psychology, occupational, psychical
living, jail, cooking, gardening, decorating
internet, computer, AOL, www, load
Taboo wordsOriginal word
slander, shocking, tabloids, reputation, disgrace
insect, airplane, wings, bird, pants
grown-up, mature, old, child, x-rated
drink, mustache, white, lips, ad
talk show, television, comedian, Tom Cruise, adopt
limp, messy, frizzy, string, having a
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, mushroom, nuclear, explosion
prohibited, excluded, forbidden, banned, game
Yugoslavia, Sarajevo, ethnic cleansing, Serbia, Croatia
actress, Shakespeare, Oscar, Emma, Ben Affleck
drink, gin, cocktail, dry, olive
Hollywood, 90210, cop, rich, Los Angeles
painter, Marilyn Monroe, 15 minutes, pop, Cambell's soup
game, boardwalk, hotels, exclusive, jail
family, Marcia, Greg, Alice, television

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