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In which plays do these Shakespeare char
Malcolm, Angus, Seyton
Portia, Lorenzo, Tubal
Petruchio, Bianca, Gremio
Imogen, Cloten, Iachimo
Helena, Peter Quince, Cobweb
Clarence, Hastings, Queen Margaret
Falstaff, Ford, Mistress Quickly
Alonso, Ferdinand, Trinculo
Orlando, Phebe, Le Beau
Mopsa, Dorcas, Perdita
In which plays do these Shakespeare char
Marina, Boult, Dionyza
Angelo, Elbow, Froth
Ophelia, Fortinbras, Osric
Hero, Dogberry, Antonio
Cassio, Bianca, Emilia
Portia, Calphurnia, Cinna
Regan, Edgar, Oswald
Rosaline, Dumaine, Jaquenetta
Adriana, Luce, Doctor Pinch
Benvolio, Paris, Balthasar

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