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Producing or generation of pus
Febrile, microorganisms or their products in the blood stream
pertaining to at night
pertaining to a disease of unknown origin
Unexpected results from a TX prescribed by a physician
Feverish, pertaining to a fever
Increase in the severity of a disease or its SXS
scraping of a body cavity with a spoon shaped instrument
Destroy tissue by electricity, freezing, heath or corrosive chemicals
Removal of a part, pathway or fxn by surgery, chemical destruction..
Abnormal fibrous band that holds or binds tissues that are normally seperated
Surgical joining of two ducts, vessel, or bowel segments
Bursting open of a wound, especially a surgical abdominal wound
Body defense against injury, infection, or allergy that is marked by redness, swelling, heat and pain
Diseased, pertaining to a disease

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