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Year Newton's PhilosophiƦ Naturalis Principia Mathematica was first published.
Gravitational constant to 2 decimal places. (x10^-11))
Circumference of Earth's equator in kilometers, rounded to thousands.
Speed of light in meters per second, rounded to millions.
Person commonly credited with inventing the refracting telescope.
Inventor of reflecting telescope.
Nearest star other than the Sun.
Light travel time to nearest star (not Sun).
What color is 532nm electromagnetic radiation?
Does red-shift result in higher frequency or lower frequency?
The Sun fuses this element in its core.
How many tons of above element does the Sun fuse per second? (in millions))
How many Watts of energy does the Earth receive from the Sun at the top of the atmosphere?
How much thrust (sea-level) does a Rockedyne F-1 engine produce in pounds?
What day, month, year did Mars Pathfinder land on Mars?
Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz is the president of what aerospace company?
What technology is the above company developing? (acronym)
In relation to spacecraft power sources, what does RITEG stand for?
What is the angular velocity of Pulsar PSR J1748-2446ad in Hz?
Division of an angle smaller than degrees.
Aircraft stall when the maximum value of this parameter is exceeded.
Standard sea level pressure in inHg.
This theory predicts a cascade of space debris collisions that render low Earth orbit useless.
When a distant star can be seen to move in relation to other stars.
Largest object in asteroid belt

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