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Forced Order
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Who Was Kreacher's First Known Master
Who Was Kreacher's Second Known Master
Who Was Kreacher's Third Known Master
He Was Bound to Eternally Serve What House?
He Betrayed Sirius to Which Two People? (name one)
What Did He Do to Prevent Harry From Seeing Sirius In the Fire at the End of Book 5?
What Photo Was the Centerpiece In His 'Den?'
What Book Is Kreacher Introduced In?
What Chapter Was Kreacher Introduced In (Name, Not Number)?
Kreacher Caught Who For Harry In Deathly Hallows?
He Was the House Elf to What Secret Organization?
Regulus Took Kreacher To the Cave To Remove Which Horcrux?
Kreacher, In General, Was Only Loyal to Those of What Blood Status?
Kreacher Worked Where When Harry Inherited Him?
In The Half-Blood Prince, Harry Was Given What By Kreacher?
Kreacher Promised To Make What Food When Harry, Ron, and Hermione Returned From the Ministry
Who Knocked Out Half of His Teeth?
Who Warned Sirius To Be Kind To Kreacher

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