Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Harry & Katniss?

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QUIZ: Can you name the four letter words in this integrated Harry Potter and Hunger Games themed ladder?

Quiz Updated Jul 8, 2014

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Surname of president of Panem*
Lacking speed
To hit hard or drive with blows
Slang for cigar
Form of Harry's Patronus*
Knight Bus conductor ____ Shunpike*
Oliver Wood actor ____ Biggerstaff*
Poorest part of District 12*
Former name of Thailand
____ Hemsworth, actor from Hunger Games*
Cord or strap for leading a dog
To incline or bend
Gryffindor ____ Thomas*
Captain of Arizona Coyotes hockey team Shane
Actor Michael, played Klingon Worf in Star Trek franchise
Plant with stem and containing kernels on large ears
President of District 13 Alma ____*
To wind in continuously spaced rings
To change from a liquid to a gaseous state
Rounded seed vessel or a pod of a plant
Eldest Weasley child*
Bitter, alkaline, yellowish liquid secreted by the liver
Large package prepared for shipping or storage
Best friend of Katniss*

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