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Capital of Mali
An alternate name for Uluru
This lake, the largest in Central America also gives its name to a country
Southern English county, famed for its cream, and setting for the Hound of the Baskervilles
Region with name derived from Greek for 'bear'
Fictional central European country, first featured in The Prisoner of Zenda
This Malysian state occupies the north-western part of Borneo, shares its name with a river, and once had a 'White Rajah'
Country with capital Asmara
Fourth longest river in the United States (or a Western)
In 2009, this country elected the first openly homosexual head of government of the modern era
Colloquial demonym for inhabitants of Birmingham (UK)
This country, with capital Malabo, gained a brief notoriety when an attempted coup was uncovered, and linked to the son of a former British prime minister
Capital of Botswana
French president Nicolas Sarkozy is co-prince of this country
Site in Prague named for a legendary saint
Largest desert in the world
Former name of Malawi (when under British control)
Which capital city is hidden in your previous answers (type 'hint' for an extra clue if you can't see it)?
Which is the capital of...?

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