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Can you name the character that the clue applies to (between Abed from Community and Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory?

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Which One...Character Name (A or S)
Accidentally measured his friends' menstrual cycles?
Gets drunk to help his friend get drunk?
Kisses his best friend's mother?
Impersonates Han Solo?
Impersonates General Ackbar?
Had a mortal enemy who was a character from one of his favorite TV shows?
Accurately predicts his friends' futures?
Fills an apartment with cats?
Believes he is the reincarnation of Christ?
Often brings a toy xylophone to the movies?
Works in a kitchen as a fry cook?
Runs around dressed as 'The Cape'?
Hangs lingerie from the telephone wires outside his window?
Breaks into a ball pit in the middle of the night?
Has a twin Sister?
Which One...Character Name (A or S)
Befriends a presidential security officer?
Blows up an elevator?
Delivers a baby in the back of a van?
Invades a Model United Nations Meeting pretending to be from another planet?
Hides money in a green lantern action figure?
Drives an injured friend to the hospital late at night?
Hates Babylon 5?
Waits more than a full day in a psychology experiment?
Has his neighbor sing to him when he is sick?
Steals the film reels for Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?
Appears on an episode of Cougar Town?
Was tested as a child to see if they were crazy?
Becomes obsessed with a British TV show?
Teaches his friend about football?
Sees his life in Claymation for a day?

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