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Can you name the countries for each letter based on the clues (except w and x)?

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Forced Order
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ClueCountry NameLetter
The World's Second Largest Country
The only European Country that borders Canada
Africa's largest island nation
Asia's only doubly-landlocked country
Middle eastern country whose capital is Sanaa
Oceania's largest country
Country bordering only France, Belgium and Germany
This nation was once called Abyssinia
This invasion of this country started World War 2
Pacific nation whose capital is Tarawa
Sarajevo's Location
The location of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
ClueCountry NameLetter
The only country that shares its name with a US state
This Caribbean country was hit by a 7.0 Magnitude earthquake in 2010
The world's Least populous country
Charles de Gaulle was the general of this country in World War 2
Ndebele is the official language of this African nation
This Middle-Eastern country gained independence from Portugal in 1651
Africa's most populous nation
The World's Largest Country
This country was once known as the Ellice islands
The host of the 2020 world cup
This country's flag displays the star of David on it
The world's most recently formed country

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