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Can you name the blank in these best picture winner movie titles?

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Kramer vs. ___?
Million ___ Baby?
The ___ Emperor?
___ Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
The Life of ___ Zola?
___ of Arabia?
Mutiny on the ___?
All About ___?
All Quiet on the ___ Front?
___ in Love?
The Best ___ of Our Lives?
The ___ Locker?
A Beautiful ___?
The ___ of the Lambs?
Forrest ___?
Dances With ___?
All the King's ___?
Lord of the Rings: The ___ of the King?
The Bridge on the ___ Kwai?
The ___'s Speech?
Around the ___ in 80 days?
Driving Miss ___?
Chariots of ___?
The Sound of ___?
An ___ in Paris?
The ___ Connection?
The ___ Weekend?
The Deer ___?
West side ___?
My ___ Lady?
Slumdog ___?
The ___ Patient?
Schindler's ___?
A Man for All ___?
No ___ for Old Men?
___ of Africa?

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