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Can you name the Things that happened in 2011 From A-Z?

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This term was used to describe the rebellions in Northern Africa
On May 1st, this leader was killed in Pakistan
The first Solar-powered spacecraft launched from this U.S. city
This airport in Moscow was bombed on January 24th
This country adopted the Euro on January 1st
This famous boxer died on November 7th
This North African Leader was killed, ending his 41 year reign.
The movie franchise centered around this character released its final movie
This country signed a treaty with Bangladesh in September
A 9.1 Magnitude Earthquake hit this country in january
This film won the Academy Award for Best Picture
This canadian politician died shortly after leading his party, the NDP to become the official opposition of the country
This baseball team changed their location name but not their location
77 people are killed in twin terrorist attacks on this country
This movement began in New York in an effort to fight the '1%'
Tropical Storm Washi touched down in this country killing almost 2000 people
This new type of Air Jordan shoe came out in July
Flooding killed 903 people in this Brazilian city
This nation separated from its current country to become the 196th country of the world
This Swedish Poet won the Nobel prize for Literature
This Organization officially accepted Palestine as a member
An Earthquake near this Turkish city killed 604 people and destroyed thousands of buildings
2 billion people watched this Prince marry Kate Middleton
Melanie Amaro won this talent competition on December 22nd
This Nobel prize-winning inventor of radioimmunoassay died on May 30
The MV Spice islander sank off the coast of this African island

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