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PlacesPeople at that placeDescription
Diagon AlleyPopular bookstore
Knockturn AlleyFirst name of Tom Riddle's former store
HogwartsMuggle Studies; killed by Voldemort
HogwartsHistory of Magic
HogsmeadeHog's Head owner (first name only)
HogwartsTransfiguration teacher
Privet DriveDursley son
Privet DriveMrs. Dursley
Hogwarts2nd Muggle Studies; Punished the kids
AzkabanExecutioner for Buckbeak
Hogwarts2nd Defence Against the Dark Arts
MiscelaneusHarry Potter's good friend; fellow Gryffindor
HogsmeadeName of candystore
Knockturn AlleySecond name of Tom Riddle's former store
AzkabanDraco's friend's father
The BurrowWeasley father
HogsmeadeJoke shop in his name
HogwartsDark Arts Teacher
Ministry of Magic1st Minister in the series
MiscelaneusProfessor Dumbledore's Sister
HogsmeadeQuillshop that Hermione visits
Diagon AlleyGringotts goblin and helped Harry in HP7
Diagon AlleyLeaky Cauldron owner
PlacesPeople at that placeDescription
Diagon AlleyOwl emporium name
Diagon AlleyWandshop where Harry got his
Hogwarts1st Defence Against the Dark Arts
HogwartsPotions and 6th Defence Against the Dark Arts
Ministry of Magic4th Minister; Order of the Phoenix Member
AzkabanAbove's husband
HogwartsCare for Magical Creatures
Hogwarts2nd Herbology (Hint:19yrs later)
AzkabanHarry's godfather
The BurrowWeasley son
Hogwarts1st Headmaster in series
Hogwarts3rd Defence Against the Dark Arts
Diagon AlleyIce cream shop owner
HogwartsCare for Magical Creatures and Gamekeeper
MiscelaneusHarry Potter's best friend
Ministry of Magic2nd Minister; assassinated
MiscelaneusAntagonist of story; Formerly known as Tom Riddle
Diagon AlleyRobe shop owner
HogsmeadeTea shop owner
Privet DriveMr. Dursley
PlacesPeople at that placeDescription
Hogwarts2nd Potions
Wisteria WalkSquid protector of Harry
Hogwarts4th Defence Against the Dark Arts
Ministry of Magic1st Minister's friend; taught at Hogwarts
Hogwarts5th Defence Against the Dark Arts
HogsmeadeThree Broomsticks owner
The BurrowWeasley twin
The BurrowWeasley twin
The BurrowWeasley son
AzkabanAbove's brother
The BurrowWeasley mother
MiscelaneusEditor for the Quibbler
Ministry of Magic3rd Minister; Imperiused
MiscelaneusAbove's daughter
AzkabanKilled Harry's godfather
MiscelaneusMain Character; Killed Voldemort
The BurrowWeasley daughter
HogwartsAncient Runes
AzkabanMother died for him
The BurrowWeasley son

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