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Can you name all Sarah Records releases from 1 to 100? You won't have to type out the whole title for each one....

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ReleaseLead song/name of itemBand/Format
Sarah 1The Sea Urchins
Sarah 2The Orchids
Sarah 3Another Sunny Day
Sarah 4Fanzine (hint: go with what is written largest on the front cover!!)
Sarah 514 Iced Bears
Sarah 6The Poppyheads
Sarah 7Another Sunny Day
Sarah 8The Sea Urchins
Sarah 9The Golden Dawn
Sarah 10The Springfields
Sarah 11The Orchids
Sarah 12The Field Mice
Sarah 13Christine's Cat
Sarah 14Fanzine
Sarah 15St. Christopher
Sarah 16Another Sunny Day
Sarah 17The Golden Dawn
Sarah 18The Field Mice
Sarah 19Brighter
Sarah 20St. Christopher
Sarah 21The Wake
Sarah 22Another Sunny Day
Sarah 23The Orchids
Sarah 24The Field Mice
Sarah 25The Field Mice
Sarah 26Gentle Despite
Sarah 27Brighter
Sarah 28Action Painting!
Sarah 29The Orchids
Sarah 30Heavenly
Sarah 31Eternal
Sarah 32Fanzine
Sarah 33The Sea Urchins
Sarah 34St. Christopher
ReleaseLead song/name of itemBand/Format
Sarah 35Another Sunny Day
Sarah 36The Sweetest Ache
Sarah 37Even As We Speak
Sarah 38The Field Mice
Sarah 39The Sweetest Ache
Sarah 40The Springfields
Sarah 41Heavenly
Sarah 42The Orchids
Sarah 43Tramway
Sarah 44The Field Mice
Sarah 45Gentle Despite
Sarah 46St. Christopher
Sarah 47The Sweetest Ache
Sarah 48The Wake
Sarah 49Even As We Speak
Sarah 50Game
Sarah 51Heavenly
Sarah 52Tramway
Sarah 53Secret Shine
Sarah 54The Forever People
Sarah 55Blueboy
Sarah 56Brighter
Sarah 57The Field Mice
Sarah 58The Hit Parade
Sarah 59Even As We Speak
Sarah 60Another Sunny Day
Sarah 61Secret Shine
Sarah 62The Rosaries
Sarah 63The Sugargliders
Sarah 64The Harvest Ministers
Sarah 65Blueboy
Sarah 66The Orchids
Sarah 67The Sugargliders
Sarah 68The Harvest Ministers
ReleaseLead song/name of itemBand/Format
Sarah 69Brighter
Sarah 70Blueboy/Fanzine
Sarah 71Secret Shine
Sarah 72 The Sugargliders
Sarah 73Action Painting!
Sarah 74Blueboy
Sarah 75East River Pipe
Sarah 76Boyracer
Sarah 77The Sugargliders
Sarah 78East River Pipe
Sarah 79Even As We Speak
Sarah 80Blueboy
Sarah 81Heavenly
Sarah 82Heavenly
Sarah 83The Sugargliders
Sarah 84The Harvest Ministers
Sarah 85Boyracer
Sarah 86The Sugargliders
Sarah 87Action Painting!
Sarah 88Blueboy
Sarah 89Secret Shine
Sarah 90The Hit Parade
Sarah 91Ivy
Sarah 92Ivy
Sarah 93Aberdeen
Sarah 94Northern Picture Library
Sarah 95Northern Picture Library
Sarah 96Boyracer
Sarah 97Aberdeen
Sarah 98Shelley
Sarah 99Blueboy
Sarah 100Compilation Album

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