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Can you name the Brighton and Hove Albion players with the long surnames? These are all players from the 1970s to the present

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Number of lettersName of playerClue
10 lettersArgentinean who arrived with Cristian Baz
10 lettersGary: ex Palace, QPR loanee. Joined the day Russell Slade was announced
10 lettersEx agent of Bridcutt, Stoke City technical director. Mends wheels?
10 lettersFamous Charlton manager
10 lettersMark, lacklustre replacement for Mike Small. Similar name to station south of King's Cross
10 lettersRiccardo, Italian surname, brother of Marco. 1 app
10 lettersDinamo Minsk sharpshooter of the early 90s, 4 apps
10 lettersKevin: mid 90s central defender, full of promise, scored against Wycombe
10 lettersSeldom-seen Latvian defender
10 lettersGeoff: goalie, retired in 1971
10 lettersEx-Wolves loanee winger 2015/16
10 lettersBespectacled no-nonsense 70s defender from Carlisle
11 lettersMark: father of 'The Ox', had been destined for greatness
Number of lettersName of playerClue
11 lettersIan: 297 apps for Norwich 1985-94, 36 for us 1996-8
11 lettersUncle Martin was his manager. Injury problems
11 lettersIvar: Icelandic loanee, went on to Reading
11 lettersGeorge: 2007 Irish loanee from Ipswich
11 lettersJames: 2009 defender from Stockport, good start, then loaned out
11 lettersFrank: mid 80s, the flairiest of rockabilly flairmeisters
12 lettersRecord signing
12 lettersFirst name would be a gift. On a plate. Tall Watford striker.
12 lettersSwindon legend Peter 1965-73. The South ___ , Middles_____
13 lettersDouble-barrelled son of Nicky
13 lettersTwo words: Coca cola
14 lettersMichael, brief loanee in 1997. A short word for mother, followed by sweet bee product. New word: Boris or his brothers

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