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Can you name the Brighton and Hove Albion players with short surnames? These are players from the 1970s to the present.

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Number of lettersName of playerClue
3 lettersExotic 2010 arrival with Battipiedi
3 letters5 ft 4 in winger
3 lettersMark, cunning midfielder used sparingly 2003-7
3 letters16 years, 238 days old on debut. In socks.
3 letters2002 swap for Matthew Wicks. Part of Travis?
3 letters'Gorgeous' George, 1972 signing. Linesman?
3 lettersGoalkeeper 2005, 1 app, 5 mins, 0 goals. Taurus?
3 lettersCentral defender, played for Leicester, helped Barry Lloyd
3 lettersMade debut in 2015, Irish defender, loaned out to Luton and Southend
4 lettersPhil. 420 apps for Spurs 1963-75. Eastender?
4 letters1 app (as sub) in 2003. Dan, Worthingite. Fan of German beer?
4 lettersBrief loanee in 2014, ex England striker
4 lettersAnother 2014 loanee, didn't live up to surname?
4 lettersLikeable Cameroonian left-back, joined 2015
4 lettersLoanee from Forest, cousin Steve played for Wolves and England
4 letters1999-2001, Darren, defender, 26 apps. Water biscuit heir?
4 lettersOne of a few Liverpool/Albion legends
4 lettersSuccessful at Bournemouth
4 lettersBetter known as a Saint 1989-2005. 7 apps, injured.
4 lettersLocal lad, assured defender
4 lettersForward, left for Southend in a swap for Paul Clark
4 lettersPlayed one season, sadly forced to retire in 1992 after winning 'Player of the season'
4 lettersFirst man to win 'Player of the season' twice
4 lettersDavid, 6 apps, moved to Barnet. 1988/89
4 lettersWayne. Wimbledon loanee 2002, 4 apps, scored on debut
4 lettersPlayed once, left for Spurs, played zero times. Now on loan.
4 lettersAn Albion legend from the 90s/2000s
4 letters2016-17 young full back, shares surname with F1 legend James
4 lettersBustling midfield rock, loaned out to Fulham/Swindon in 2016/17
Number of lettersName of playerClue
4 lettersChilean defender, loaned to us 2011-12
4 lettersAlistair, 2006 Charlton loanee, 4 apps, no goals
4 lettersStewart, goalie loaned to us 1994-5 by Celtic
4 lettersRegal man, 3 apps in 1999. Villa cult hero
4 lettersMartin, 2000. Played for Swindon, Orient and Southend
4 lettersOctober 2013 loanee striker
4 lettersScored last minute equaliser against Cheltenham in the Cup
4 lettersOffside Dutch winger, should be a singer, or play for Manchester Utd?
4 lettersOnly two of these
4 lettersIan, Tranmere's all-time record goalscorer
4 letters1996 Liverpool loanee, short career, dad was famous red defender
4 lettersGoalkeeper 2010, 1 app, 1 goal conceded
4 lettersAussie midfielder
4 lettersMike, Brightonian, 1981-84, 5 apps
4 lettersZeke - Chelsea loanee
4 lettersGoalie, left in 1997, debut at age 18
4 lettersSon of Gerry
4 lettersCareer ended with a leg broken against Palace
4 lettersEric. Dublin-born, 4 apps 1997-8, biblical sounding...
4 letters2014 signing from Grasshoppers; barely used
4 lettersBrighton-born, played against Hereford in 1997
4 lettersScored 4 goals against Newcastle
4 lettersAussie midfielder loaned from QPR in 2007
4 lettersAlbion legend
4 lettersLeft-back loanee, chose Burnley
4 lettersDanny, son of Chelsea player David; Southend loanee
4 lettersKiwi loanee, played at Withdean, a hit at Leeds
4 lettersNorth-Easterner, connection with carpentry?

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