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Can you name the Tinkers with the specialties listed?

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SpecialtyTinkerNotable achievements
OmnidisciplineKilled the Siberian
Optimisation and miniaturisationCreated nanothorns
Modular equipmentA hoverboard
Geology and architectureTrapped Echidna
Plant life and artificial lifeWorked with Simurgh tissue
Human biology and cyberneticsCloned the Slaughterhouse 9000
Self-contained systemsSeparated his body and survived
Mass productionArmed the Dragon's Teeth
NeurologyMost Underutilised Power
SpecialtyTinkerNotable achievements
Anything, but only onceHas over 4 subscribers on YouTube
Anything time-limitedCould've knocked the moon out of orbit
Body modification/creating monstersTurned Taylor into a real bug
BombsIndirectly killed Crawler and Mannequin
VehiclesDisappeared without a trace
Adding mechanical additions to his bodyPut up with the Merchants for money
Intradimensional technologyOpened communications with Aleph
He's not even a Tinker!Only Tinker 0 on record

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