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Alaska is the largest state, how many telephone area codes does it have?
Alaska is ranked #1 in area, but what rank is it in population?
Rounded to the nearest 10, how many Rhode Islands could fit inside Alaska?
What is the name of the dog know for delivering the diphtheria antitoxin to the city of Nome?
What race is run annually to commemorate the antitoxin run?
Alaska is home to the highest mountain peak in North America, what's its name?
The Alaska Natives have another name for this mountain, what is it?
What does the native name for the mountain mean?
What country did the US buy Alaska from?
Approximately how much was paid per acre?
What do Alaskans call the continental United States?
On April 27, 1964 a massive earthquake hit Alaska, by what name do they refer to this quake?
What Montreal Canadians hockey player was born in Anchorage, Alaska?
What singer/songwriter lived in Homer, Alaska for most of her childhood?
What Drew Barrymore movie was filmed in Alaska?
The 2011/2012 Anchorage winter broke the record for snowiest winter on record, what was the official total in inches?

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