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Forced Order
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Who does Monica go out on a date with in the pilot episode?Season one
What does Phoebe find floating a pop can that she bought from a vendor on the street?Season one
Who kisses Chandler's mom?Season one
Who accidently tells Rachel that Ross is in love with her?Season one
What does Chandler say that Ross bought for Carol when he first realized he was in love with her?Season one
What is the name of the girlfriend who Ross brings home from China?Season two
Where do Joey and Chandler leave Ben?Season two
What is Joey's character's name on Days?Season two
How does Joey's character on Days die?Season two
Why do Monica and Richard break up?Season two
In 'The One Where No one's Ready', what does Ross say he will do to prove to Rachel how sorry he is?Season three
Which sister of Joey punches Chandler?Season three
Who does Phoebe's brother Frank date that has her so freaked out?Season three
Frank tells Phoebe his mom did what after learning of his relationship with Alice?Season three
What do the friends play on their first night in Montauk to pass the time?Season three
How long was the letter that Rachel wrote to Ross?Season four
What does Joey give to Treager so that Monica and Rachel will not get evicted from their apartment?Season four
What question do Monica and Rachel miss in the trivia game they play when they lose their apartment?Season four
How do Monica and Rachel convince Joey and Chandler to let them keep their apartment after they steal it back?Season four
What rock group does Chandler reference when seeing Ross' new earring?Season four
Why does Emily punch Ross after they get married?Season five
How does Ross get Emily to agree to move to New York?Season five
What is the name of the girl that Ross dates whose name Chandler says sounds like a character on Fraggle Rock?Season five
On their ride along with Gary, what do the guys mistake for a gunshot?Season five
What does Chandler roll that makes them decide to get married?Season five
What does Joey find in Vegas that has him convinced will make him rich?Season five
Joey tells Phoebe she can live in what part of his mansion?Season five
Why does Phoebe get angry with Joey when they are driving home from VegasSeason six
What does Chandler want to turn Rachel's room into after she moves out?Season six
Who does Monica accidentlhy admit to having a crush on when she was little?Season six
What store does Monica tell Rachel that Phoebe hates?Season six
What game do Chandler and Joey play on their last night as roommates?Season six
Why does Rachel's father cut off her sister Jill?Season six
What song do Monica and Chandler dance to on their engagment night?Season six
What does Monica accuse Rachel of trying to do on her and Chandler's engagement night?Season seven
What does Monica want from Phoebe for an engagement present?Season seven
How do Monica's parents lose her entire wedding fund? (the money they started saving after she started dating Richard)Season seven
What does Ross dress up as when he cannot find a Santa suit?Season seven
Where does Chandler hide before he and Monica are supposed to get married?Season seven
In an effort to cover for Rachel, who does Phoebe tell everyone got her pregnant?Season eight
What does Chandler do that Monica says makes them even for her opening all their wedding gifts without him?Season eight
Phoebe mistakenly thinks who is the father of Rachel's baby?Season eight
What is the fake name that Joey gives out to people?Season eight
What movie are Joey and Rachel watching when he realizes he's in love with her?Season eight
What does Monica make Chandler dress up as at their Halloween party?Season eight
What game do the guys play during Rachel's baby shower?Season eight
What song does Ross sing to Emma to get her to laugh?Season nine
What city and state does Chandler get transferred to?Season nine
What does Monica think that Chandler has a fettish with that gets her so freaked out?Season nine
What is the name of the comic book that Ross wrote as a child?Season nine
What kind of conference do Rachel and Joey sneak into while in Barbados?Season nine
What does Ross make for dinner when he has Charlie, Rachel and Joey over?Season ten
What language does Phoebe attempt to teach Joey to help him get ready for an audition?Season ten
After marrying Mike what does Phoebe change her name to?Season ten
What movie does Rachel tell Phoebe to say they are seeing after they catch Chandler getting into another woman's car?Season ten
Where does Erica say she might spend her summer after having the twins?Season ten
What going away present does Joey get for Chandler?Season ten
What airport is Rachel set to fly out of on her way to Paris?Season ten
Monica tells the gang that Ross once spent a summer living in her apartment doing what?Season ten
What is the last shot of the series?Season ten

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