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Can you name the 3-letter words in this word ladder about an animated sci-fi sitcom?

Quiz Updated Jan 4, 2016

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Clue3-Letter Word
🚀 Philip J. ___, main protagonist 🚀
Jimi Hendrix's hairdo, informally
Dude kin
Shout of displeasure
British bathroom
🚀 ___ Wong, [final rung]'s dad 🚀
Permit or allow
Tennis match division
Filled a chair
🚀 Surly and overweight blue-collar worker 🚀
Spanish sun; music-scale note
Male descendant
🚀 Judge ___ Whitey 🚀
A kind of computer memory
🚀 Former mistress of Dr. Farnsworth 🚀
Clue3-Letter Word
Deck swabber's need
Badge bearer
A small, usually collapsible, bed
🚀 Hedonism___, Kwanzaa___ & others 🚀
Drill accessory
A stupid or worthless person (UK)
Common animated image format
🚀 ___ Kroker, lover of [final rung] 🚀
Most common Korean surname
🚀 Tinny ___, reference to a Dickens character 🚀
Small garden bird
Rock blaster; AC/DC song
Hill-building insect
Indefinite number
🚀 ___ Wong, intern at 'Planet Express' 🚀

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