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Can you find the words ending in 'UM' by their descriptions, for each letter of the alphabet?

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Hint-UM wordLetter
Place in which a collection of rare trees and shrubs is cultivated for scientific or educational purposesA
Western European country known for its beer, chocolate and wafflesB
The large lobe of the hind brain in front of and above the medulla; the little brain. It controls combined muscular actionC
A roving or wandering of the mind, usually dependent on a fever or some other disease, and so distinguished from mania, or madnessD
Part of the ear also known as the tympanic membraneE
That by which a lever is sustained, or about which it turns in lifting or moving a bodyF
Preparatory school for the university/ Place or building where athletic exercises are performedG
Collection of dried specimens of plants, systematically arrangedH
The dorsal one of the three principal bones comprising either lateral half of the pelvis; the dorsal or upper part of the hip boneI
The lower throat, or that part of the neck just above the breastJ
German name for 'Potassium'K
A period of five yearsL
Magnificent tomb, or stately sepulchral monumentM
Hint-UM wordLetter
Genus of cruciferous plants, having white or yellowish flowers, including several species of cressN
The inspissated juice of the Papaver somniferum, or white poppyO
A body so suspended from a fixed point as to swing freely to and fro by the alternate action of gravity and momentumP
The four 'liberal arts', arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomyQ
That which is left after any process of separation or purificationR
The several colored and other rays of which light is composedS
Plane figure bounded by four right lines, of which no two are parallel/ Bone of the carpus at the base of the first metacarpal, or thumbT
Final proposition, concession, or conditionU
A flag or standardV
Beads made of shells, used by the North American Indians as money, and also wrought into belts, etc., as an ornamentW
The posterior segment, or extremity, of the sternumX
Rare metallic element of the boron-aluminium group, found in gadolinite and other rare minerals, and extracted as a dark gray powderY
Spore, or conceptacle containing zoosporesZ

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