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Can you figure out the one word answers which sound like they end in 'O' by their description?

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A female animal, such as a deer or kangaroo
To make one's own clothes
Trial and tribulation
Boyfriend, lover
Large, black, cawing bird
Fruit of the blackthorn often used as liqueur flavoring
Missile shot from a bow
Flour mixture; slang for 'money'
Variety of grape used for Burgundies and champagnes
To give something as a gift or honor
In spite of the fact that
The stems of this tree are used to make baskets with
French feudal castle or fortress
1820 historical novel by Sir Walter Scott
Colorful post-cloudburst phenomenon
French car with a diamond logo
American author, tax resister, etc., Henry David
Wine region at the Garonne River in France
A snail prepared for use as food
Bob who wants to murder Bart Simpson

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