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Can you name the 3-letter words in this word ladder that might help you during a night out?

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Clue3-Letter WordRung #
• When you enjoyed your drink, ___ [rung 5] [rung 8] [rung 13][rung 16][last rung] •
*Abbreviation that is part of many a polite texting request*
Liquid in infected tissue2
Baby barker3
Spot on a die; orange seed4
• When you enjoyed your drink, [first rung] ___ [rung 8] [rung 13][rung 16][last rung] •
*Useful hint, bit of advice*
The upper part of something6
Part of the foot used to test bathwater7
• When you enjoyed your drink, [first rung] [rung 5] ___ [rung 13][rung 16][last rung] •
*Article with no equivalent in Russian*
Seller of sea shells, in a tongue twister9
Clue3-Letter WordRung #
Engage in litigation10
'Big' part of California11
Spiky plant part that sticks to your clothes12
• When you enjoyed your drink, [first rung] [rung 5] [rung 8] ___[rung 16][last rung] •
*Pub; exclude or obstruct*
Legally prohibit14
A light shade of brown15
• When you enjoyed your drink, [first rung] [rung 5] [rung 8] [rung 13]___[last rung] •
*Half a score*
Lion's hide-out17
• When you enjoyed your drink, [first rung] [rung 5] [rung 8] [rung 13][rung 16]___ •
*___ Spiegel: German magazine*

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